Sunday, January 3, 2010

1st Monday blues of 2010~ D:

Shall be a very short post for today...well, ill try to make it short =p Dont think ill have any problems though coz all i did was Fb, dvd, bed, Fb, dvd, bed...etc etc..:S

Though i must say, im extremely sleepy TT^TT~ Dont think i slept as much as i needed to. Slept late, roughly ard 4 - 5am and woke b4 9...hmmm.. i dont think im this hardworking when im working :p Mum commented to me earlier..." I dont understand why u dont sleep more, must get up and ur cafe" LOL....blah :X

Its an addiction, or rather, a sense of kiasuism...omg...another one of my infamous OCD's ;sob

Anyway, cant remember much of what i did, logged on FB early morning and left it on, while i got back to sleep.. i think i slept...i think...hmmm..i distinctly remember mum n sis coming home at abt 10'ish after droppin the dog at the doggie spa (yes, doggie spa =.=)

Mum n bro headed off to mainland while me n sis hung ard at home, watch some csi, some other old old old show..intended to sleep, but lepak'ed ard and in the end didnt sleep much. Even watched Pretty Woman :O

Audied abit with ray and was feeling tired awhile after that, so decided to log off early and rest..and yet....TADA! Here i am still :S

Fuck, its 1.30 am =.= Wth have i been doin since 10pm?

Thats it, im going to sleep! Oh ya, before i forget...a sample of random-ness in our family..

Bro bought this cake on New Year's Eve, we just had it tonite lol...

This was the convo between me n him:
Me: Huh? Why u buy cake?
Bro: Dono? Saja? It looked pretty :D
Me: Oh..ok =.=

Yes! The epitome of random-ness. Even to post about it is totally random and pointless and yet im posting it nonetheless, why? Coz i can and i dont care :p

Nite nite guys~ Have a great week ahead ~ !! :DD

P/s: Bro just asked if i tried his cake, if i had said "no" on my part then i would be as termed by him "a sinner" . Dont ask =.=''


&Revenge might be sweet but the aftertaste is bitter :)

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