Saturday, January 9, 2010

This is me, on a working saturday...the damn time just wont move! :x

Well, as predicted, i was alone at the office today :) So, ended doing more things then i usually do on normal days lol..which is cool by me, coz not much disruptions and i dont get pissed as much :p Boss came in at ard 12'ish but just to ask me to do some scanning for him and he was at the pantry on the phone most of the time :)

He left shortly and i wanted to leave sharp! I only act that way when its saturday :x But as u can see, i sat there and waited n waited for 5 bladi mins to pass @_@ And the thing is, that dam machine is 10mins slow, and it was actually already 10mins past 1. Plus side, i can come in 10mins later :p

Drove home under the very very hot sun. My god, once its near CNY's the temps go up like crazy x.x Reached home, bathed and played some Fb and fell asleep watching Monster House :D

Woke up to abit more FB lol then audied for abit with babe for a few games and then myself (hey, i cant change mode, so stayed on since it was already changed :X)

Did nothing much throughout the nite, though family asked me if i wanted to follow them to Ipoh tomoro, but have to wake up early and i..erm...abit...lazy :S . Most prolly, i will stay at home d :p

Off to bed i guess, still very sleepy...dont think i will ever get enough sleep to make up for all the non sleep i do D:



&i wish u would count on me at times like this, like u used to.
i pray that you will be alright and safe tonight

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