Friday, January 29, 2010

Hola world on a Friday afternoon~ :)

First and foremost, this is what i was up to abt 1/3 of the morning...

Yup, redid my entire cafe lolzz, just loving my football stoves, dam cute can? :D

And my football tables, lmao! THEY'RE CUTE! :X

Dont ask me what i did with the other 2/3, coz frankly i cant remember. I think i was working though...i think..possibly...oh, doink me.

Been meaning to do it for the longest time, bt was always lazy and im not a very creative person :S When it comes to decorating that is. So any games that requires creative arrangement, i basically avoid coz well, i suck at it D:

Kinda sleepy (yes, again =.=) But for valid reasons eh..Slept ard 3plus coz resetted my pet mumoo to 5B and remaxed Ren's pet to 6B. I lost abt 400m in that reset though, but its ok :) One more down, now looking for babe's and onapin's reset partner. Jy save money guys, i try to absorb some of the losses this time ard :)

Cant believe its friday again, seems like ytd when i was talking abt the weekends when it was last week @_@, i wonder if i will be as happy though..

Oh wells, gonna go finish my "designing" work for boss b4 she comes in =.= have a great rest of friday guys~ :)


P/S: Still feeling down, if anyone cares to knw.
Im wondering where u are, when i need u the most.
It feels weird, a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach,
Something feels different, and im afraid to ask,
coz it might not be answers i wanna hear.

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