Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just made fruit smoothies with the new blender mum got from She's been meaning to get it for a few yrs now and finally she got it :) Dinner was awesome as expected. Loved mum's "tao eu bak" and to top it off "chai boey" . I was in cloud nine man haha :D Havent had such a good appetite in days.

Totally productive workday today, and was preoccupied most of the time. Though at some point, i was kinda pissed due to something which i had already mentioned but bosses didnt remember and treated as if i didn't know what i was doing, i let it slide coz i was just not in the mood to pick any fights today.

Am feeling kinda down tonite, coz of something i just found out and it hurts to know how the results of that incident will affect me. Sigh. I really dare not think of too far ahead.(sorry ray, really wasnt in the mood to audi..)

I should just stop thinking about tomoro, coz the past few months has taught me how fragile life can be. U can be happy one minute and completely sad the next. And though we're slowly healing and mending, i just wonder if we can completely forget the sad past for good and not let it be brought up again.

I dont know. I can only hope.

P/s: & i miss you, everyday.

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