Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ho Ho! Its Wednesday!! :D

Nothing much to blog about today though lol, jz normal working day. Busy in the 1st part of the morning and it sort of slowed towards the end of the day. So left office sharp today :D

Currently continuing this post at work now lol, coz when i started typin this post last nite, about 3 sentences through i realise, i had nothing left to blog about @_@ Not that now is any good coz i still have nada to blog :X

My life is a bore. Work is taking all the fun left in my mundane world. I need more excitement in life :p

Anyway, slept awhile b4 goin for dance class last nite. Classes are getting tougher by the day, i almost couldnt feel my feet ytd. I wonder why ppl pay to insert pain on themselves lol. And they do it ever so willingly :p

Still a cool class though and had lots of fun as usual :D

Played abit of Fb and felt sleepy after awhile, so just watched a dvd and fell asleep lol.

Slacking at work today, bt net kept goin off alot, so just sat ard...much ado about nothing =.= Havin' tummy ache though, must that med mum ask me to take >_>''

Well, guess thats about it folks o_o, havent been doin much these few days, slightly missin audi but missin you much :)


& i cant change the past, all i can do is to try to make the future better.

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