Monday, January 11, 2010


What a slow slow monday...yes, i had work to do, but the time sure crawled @__@;;

Oh ya, officially moved to another table, my ex-colleague which just left last week lol. His place is more hidden and thus making me more sleepy. No complaints though, at least im not directly facing the bosses office and yet i can see if they come over :DDD

And sis came to find me for lunch today, treated her yummy claypot yee mee :D Its been awhile since we both had and i thought why not...and besides needed her to follow me to bank ..LOL! I know what ur thinking! No! It was not a bribe....she was the one who suggested it btw ;sob

One of my 2010 resolutions, to settle of my credit card debts in underway! Just paid off my HSBC card off and im free frm one card so far and counting! :D More to come and soon ill be debt free...yay!! So happy that my resolutions are happening, slowly but surely ^^

Hoho! To be home! :p

Just came back frm bi-monthly grocery shopping with mum...she's been buggin me to go for a few days now and im always very lazy to do it on a weekend..jz the amount of ppl ard and the jam..arhhhh :S. Decided to make her happy and suggested to her lol, hey, im a good daughter ..sometimes...well i try :)

Before i left the office, the boss suddenly decided to come in. Wtf? Already after working hrs, and she is expecting us to stay ard and do stuff for her? No way, as soon and the timer hit 5.30, i was outta there. Sadly horrid jam all the way home and then all the way to farlim =.= Penang traffic is getting worse by the day..sheesh.

And groceries can so expensive nowadays =.= Dont think we bought alot of stuff, bt it would normally come up a cpl of hundred each time. Thank god it didnt reach 200 today though...BUT STILL SO LITTLE STUFF! :S..ive been meaning to complain each time, bt the pain in my pockets numb the workings of me brain =.=

Oh well...had pan mee for dinner and then went into audi, then thought, might as well join compy since so long bo kicked out in 1st rd btw...can i blame the fact i nvr warm up? Can? D: and oh, met someone i didnt want to in same room as me...lousy luck i shd see him tonite =.= and his small talk was lame. Bla. So, lost (4th coz dam laggy and no perf zzzz) and left. And thats that.

Now feeling slightly feverish, maybe i really shd try sleeping b4 1?? LOL! Ill try :x

Im kinda surprised that Monday is over..but in a good way :) Sorta been feeling numb since ytd...hmmm..

Ok, bath bath and rest! :) Ciaozz~


& how we try to comprehend the incomprehensible.

.::Si tu amor no merezco, no me ames, mas quédate otro día::.

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