Wednesday, January 20, 2010

H.O.H.O.!!!! Happy Wet-nessday!!! Eh...oops lol~

If u guys think im refreshed frm my early sleep last night, u are gravely mistaken. Ima a girl who is sleep deprived and right now my limbs dont feel like they belong to me at all =\ I think i need more nights of sleeping early ;sob

I also think its my bad sleeping habits when i only slept roughly ard 5hrs on a average weekday and even on weekends when i think i sleep more, i actually dont O_O;; coz i end up thinking hoho i can sleep later coz i dont need to wake up early but somehow or rather i waking up earlier than i do for work? Irony much? Can someone keel me nao pls?

OH! My job description! Im a driver now =.= i jz sent one the indon workers to another site. Totally random, but remember, ima girl is who sleep deprived. I dont know how ive survived until now... another random thingy i did today, i listed the games that im currently playing in Fb... LOL! Shhhhh! =.=

1. FFS - Lolz, my faithful companion and yet i dont reply any more msgs except frm close friends and pets. And also to get my daily 10M! Slurp! And working pets of course lolzz..

2. Cafe World - Still goin on with this, but did the unthinkable this morning, made food and let it spoil jz to get one of the medals. Shaddap >_>' but not as active coz im having a problem of too much food hence nw makin mostly food tat will take me abt 6hrs or more.

3. Robot Wars - yes, i came back to this game and jz turned 96 tis morning rofl ;sweat. And some guy commented on my RW page saying he's wondering why he gets so much hits frm the same person when he only come in and spends his energy and keep his money in the bank. Duh-uh? Dude! Dont whine! I dont see who i attk also k? (shd be referring to me right?) Dont play and complain like a little girl =.= I told my sis, these ppl are obsessed bunch, and she said i was even worse coz i complained abt them >_>''

4. Treasure Madness - lame new game which i tried after seeing my sis play and nw im way ahead lolzz...again, she calls me obsessed. I just dont see it? Its jz a treasure digging up game with minigames.. Bla. 'nuf said

5. Slots - Lol, yes i still play this. Just came back to it after a long hiatus coz of the reasons stated above. *pull slots* *ka-ching!*

6. Scratch offs - As per above slots, stopped at the same time, came back same time coz they go together gether lol... *scratch scratch*

7. Pull Tabs - Ive said enough. The list is getting longer than intended.

Other games which are not bookmarked but go in a few times a week are, FarmTown, Pet Society and Yoville. Im such a freak. Just shoot me nao D:

Another thing! OM out of the blue ask me ytd did i play Pet Society O_O! When my boss was there somemore! I wonder if it was out of total randomness or did she see me Fb'ing at work? LOL!! Am i gonna get sacked? HAHAHAHAHA! Maybe im doing this to get caught? For the thrill lolzz... And its not my fault that i dont have work to do, do u know hw hard it is to pretend to be working when u dont have any fucking work to do? Sheesh.

1 and 1/2 hrs b4 i go home....*cocks gun*

And i wanna try audi's new insane perf thingy leh! I cant even choose the dam mode!! FUG! HAGDAHDGREU!! This is very the saddening coz i even tried changin my resolution ytd and it didnt work anymore!! Nooooooooo!!! My audi sucks big time! ;wild

Just found out why lady boss has not been around these cpl of days, she has actually lol'ing i wont be so bad lar...can i say, she deserves it? :X

Crap, this post is getting too long. Shall stop now and post another one when it passes 12..LOL! Im such a blogger addict..Guess ive been reading quite a number blogs thats why...:S

P/s: Thanks ivan for sms-laming with me, making me abittt more occupied hahaha :X

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