Sunday, January 24, 2010

The weekend is almost at its end, heck when i finish typing this, it will the end D: But then on a brighter side, it does mean its that much closer to CNY.. the remaining long hols we have frm then until Dec.. Unless i take leave that is :p

Woke up ard 9plus this morning coz was having bad tummy ache and couldnt sleep well (note, im explaining this coz i dont wan ppl to think i sleep alot..u knw who u are! =.=, and i was in the toilet when ur sms came, so my replyin late is nt coz i was me :X) But then again, after working my pets and my cafe, i tried to go back to bed. Think i tossed and turned though and woke up alot in between :S Actually was so tired, i fell asleep abt 9plus pm earlier and woke at ard 12...:X And im currently wide awake. Not good.

The day was mainly spent in audi, well most parts of the afternoon that is. Didnt really play much of the FB apps coz they've been giving a lot of problems of not loading these 2 days and its becoming really really annoying =.= Maybe its only me? Still dam irritating, when i cant even put out free dishes in cafe without the whole thing hangin on me. Bah.

See see! My cap bery cute right? Left 4 days nia...must show b4 :X.. Babe, ur helmet also bery cute eh :D

Insane perf is cool, if my comp line is good :) Can actually chase ppl also eh if my chain comes :p *chants* *its coming back, its coming back* Must have more chains like this....

Lol~ Come back chains!!! :X So i can win babe sometimes....or babe let me win can? D:

Kinda frustrated with my 4k though, it seems to be bery confusing these cpl of days, and now 8k is screwing with my head too TT^TT~ Annoyedddd D: Boo!!

Oh well, tiring audi day lol, maybe i was more irritated than tired i think..too pek chek ler =.= esp when my screen freezes..i dont think its my it? Anyway, came out abt 7plus, wanted to go back n join compy but didnt think will do any better and might end up more depressed. ;sob

So did the next best thing...played abit of FB and fell asleep while waiting for it to :S

Had a number of things to post about, but my brain seems to be telling to get ready for monday, and it is 2.40 now >_> Ahhhh.....monday blues. More like, working blues :(

Oh wells, to be continued tomoro then ;)

Guten nacht!!

P/s: Been asking ppl who read my blog if they think i blog too i? :S Blek


&thank you for being there :)

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