Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I dont think ive ever ever ever ever ever everrrrrrrrrrr been so sleepy b4 =.=

This is by far the most sleepiest Tuesday since i started working here..I was practically a walking zombie throughout the entire day >_> Dam those weird dreams last nite...i hope i dont get anymore tonight :(

Cant blog much today, had dance class even, so now its body pain = more tired @_@

Had to work out some stuff with the gang though and though i tried looking at the html codes, nthg seemed to be goin in. It all seemed to alien for me =.=

New resolution for 2010 - shall try step by step to sleep earlier. Today is before 2am.. lol :S

Ok, gtg to lay down, really cant take, and my eyes are turning red and teary x.x Im off to bag some z's man ;)

P/s : Gratz baby on reaching max with me :)


& i still think of you,
everyday :)

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