Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And then there were 2....

Ahhh...Wednesday~ and what a quiet day it was..considering there were only 2 ppl working as of now! =.=

Did my own work, kept quiet and didnt talk to the whistle blower at all the whole morning. Come lunch time, tapao'ed my lunch back to the office and sat at my own table, playin fb and eating my lunch. No way does this mean ur my new best friend since the other colleague is gone.

Lady boss came in the afternoon, and i was waiting to see when she would ask me for a meeting. She waited for her And guess what time they had to call me? 5.30 =.= ..well once an ass, always an ass :)

Couldnt stand the talk they were giving, about not doing office politics, bla, bla, when it was the wife doing all the lyin shit. Telling my colleague i told on her, sayin she was gossiping to my boss. WTF? IUUIEIUHIJAOPKFP{}LQ{JPOTGL:GA:AGM!!!! Basket! She is the one doing all the fk up office politics, so i just set the record straight in front of ball-less hubby. Telling them str8 why i was not satisfied with the OM. And her as the highest in the office after the bosses, could push responsibility which was obviously hers. I didnt really care if they sacked me on the spot which btw, they dont have the balls to :)

So, after stating my dissatisfaction, sat there for 45mins listening to alot of bull which i knw is not true and she was acting like she so respected in the business...bla bla bla...when outside suppliers have been cursing them like hell lol...yes, i might be green in this line of business, bt its not my 1st day working. They're jz so full of themselves and hypocrites. Telling the staff not to do this and that but doing it themselves. I wish they dont keep saying they're Christians,coz unless they change their heartless ways, God would not be happy.

Ah well, enough of them, this will be my last post about them, wasting my blog space but i wanted to be reminded of some ppl can be :p

Anyway, reached hm ard 7'ish, barely stepping into house when colleague (now ex) called to complain, bla bla bla...another 40mins on the phone listening to her repeat the whole thing over n over again. Tired x.x If i didnt say my phone was gettin hot, she wouldnt have stopped =.=

Audi compy again today :) Didnt make pass 1st rd though..LOL! Tough luck, had suiker, ktkr, poodle and shyuun in my room and didnt help that it was cc4, and full room lags me like hell with constant freezes. But it was cool coz i chanced the entire way :D Proud eh~ Hahahahah :x

And thats the entire nite for me...quite pooped, and brain dead from all the hoo haa of these 2 days. Sitting in front of pc, staring with mouth wide open @___@

Also applyin for jobs :) The talk didnt do much fr me, coz i cant possibly work for such ppl who dont really care and would kill u off as soon as they have a chance. Its not worth the measly amount im being paid. Its buying me time, coz as soon i get one, im outta there :)

Gonna go lie down now...tired as hell with horrid back pains.



& soon you will be a distant memory,
and i wont remember why i did in the 1st place :)

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