Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet the LaLaLand'ers :D

Created out of total random-ness and the spontaneity lol :) Which me likey :3 Since babe just left his guild coz they were stalking him and getting him to play in FAM channel all the time @_@ and since ivan said his guild not nice and i wanted to quit coz Ahp hasnt been replyin me when i see him in game. I dont mind small fam's bt at least we can chat. Oh well. So just a matter a factly i asked babe to cr8 one for us and he did :O Ur very cute when u do things like that haha :p and LaLaLand IS my favourite kind of land :D Thats why sir pat calls me lalaland princess :S

And oh, welcome back to Penang babe :)

But babe, can u work on the fam intro abit? Wat is Land? =.= Lazy bum :p

Friday was a killer day at work, running in and out of the office to the project site. Meeting with the door supplier, collecting supplies for work. And its getting so hot when its nearing CNY x.x But it was cool coz, i get to leave the office since i cant stand the OM, bt hey, no hard feelings eh? Lol..

Saturday was day alone in office :) She doesnt work on saturdays =.= and such a quiet day it was. I was so dam lazy to do much work, and just did the urgent stuff. Heck there wasnt even much phone calls comin in @_@ Fb'ed till i didnt wat to play anymore, and was even flipping through my audi songs to burn lolz. As usual, sat in front of the clock out timer till it was 1 and cabut cabut balik! :D

Afternoon was spent in front of pc and tv..think im killin my eyes x.x Abit of dvd's, abit of fb games, which btw are getting less and less..Its like a clone of every single that is popular..sheesh. I just leave it on and dont play much of anything except for the normal old games that i used to :(

Fell asleep at abt 6'ish ( and no i dont sleep alot k? =.=) woke abt 8plus. Played some fb games and well, thats about it. And "I" got pawned in audi...and its my pc's fault... TT^TT~ And no its not ppl dont like me lor, must be they can smell its not me :D Oh well, as if i care if ppl dont like me? Duh =.=

And its finally here! My 5months overdue souvenier/bday present/xmas present from Korea all bundled into 1! =.= But im still happy its here..Thanks babe :D

So, thats Saturday for me :) And so we move forth to Sunday which i will be writing and posting later hahaha :X . Fine! Ill post it tomoro so u ppl dont get too bored reading about my weekend :p

Adios hombres!! ^^

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