Friday, January 8, 2010

Hoho!! Happy Fly-day peepos!! :D Time flies even faster in 2010 :O Next thing u knw, ull be celebrating 2011! :p Lol~

Ima office-alone today. One of my colleagues last day was ytd, and another one is on mc today, which leaves the office manager and she sits far far away frm me :D So i count myself as alone..LOL!

Kinda scary though coz i wonder if my workload has just been added :( Sure, he's the graphics guy, but then they dont really care and i might just end up doin some of his work =.= Time to ask for a salary raise? *grins* :p

I really shd sleep early, thats wat i tell myself when i wake up, when i go to work, when im at work, when its after lunch, when its time to go home... its sorta a chant that i do but then it nvr works coz the minute im home i do everything else but sleep x.x

SLEEP EARLIER MAG! *slaps myself*

And my sleep earlier is nvr early, its about the same time i sleep each nite..3am =.= Though i did catch abit of zzz's when i went home, think abt 1/2hr and i think its alright to extend my sleepin time again. Wth is wrong with me? Lol..:X

Thank god its friday! Must must must must promise myself to rest more this weekend! AhhhH!!

Other than my poor sleeping habits, there's really nthg much ( seriously guys, why do u still read my blog? Even i..well i do read, coz its my blog and i like to read my crap lol) Bad bad bad bad tummy ache the entire day. Dam those meds, plus side? I dont even feel like eating anything :S

Anyway, have a great friday guys! *prays it ends soon* >_<''


Found this song a few days back while watching Toy Story 2 :)

It reminds me of the friends i had and lost, partly some due to my neglect....

They say, real friends will nvr leave yr side, no matter what u do to them.
You will always stay in their hearts.
But im sorry for those that i left behind and neglected,
I might have not done it on purpose, but the guilt still lingers in my mind.
One day, i hope our paths will cross again, then i will nvr let u go :)

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