Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Screwed up Tuesday.

Lousy day at work, had some work disputes with the OM again =.= She really knws hw to push responsibility away. Big sigh. And my colleague sort of raised her voice because she was gettin too annoying and asking same qns every single day. Wtf. But after that, she had a premonition that the Om will go and tell on her ....which she did. Really fk up. Cant settle by herself, need to tell bosses. Bitch.

I left office early, b4 5, becoz boss wanted me to go collect a sink frm a supplier and sent it over to the site. I was really curious, why were he so persistent on me leaving asap? At 7plus, i found out why. They sacked my colleague. Fk up right?

She called to say wat happened, and though i disagree with her sometimes with work matters, the next day we're ok dy coz its only work. But not for the old bird. Super sensitive and goes cryin to the sis everytime we say something which does not agree with her. Welcome to the real world lady, not everything goes ur way =.=

Its just really unfair and heartless of them to just sack her like that, but she did them a piece of her mind and i guess in a way, its good to just let them knw wat ppl think of them. I have a feeling they might qn me also, coz it seems i havent been nice too. Well, fk her, i dont see a reason to be nice to a tattle tale. Bigh sighss. I hate this kind of working environment. No co-operation, no team work. And its just so few of us.

Gotta find me a new job soon, have been lookin and applyin tonite d..hopefully something comes up soon coz i have a feeling i will be burdened with colleague's work load. Shit.

Just when i thought 2010 was gonna be a good year..hopefully it gets better soon :(

Anyway, went into audi comp again tonite, coz wanted to clear my head, and got into 2nd round lol :D...1st rd mode was c9, which i didnt think i would do so well, but apprently there are others who suck more..hahaha :X . 2nd round was cc8 which i flunked. Abit wth, considering it shd be my better mode. Im getting noobier by the day.

Havent done much the entire night except updating my resume and sending out application and also thinking of wat to say if they do talk to me tomoro. I hate this type of conversations but im pretty much set on telling the truth, whether they like it or not. Fk work.

Time to rest, really moodless nite.


&im constantly amazed on how heartless people can really be.

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