Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday!!! XDDD

Currently alone in the office, thus am doing non work related stuff (blogging, FB'ing, surfing..). Hmm come to think of it Ive been doing it all this time =x. Anyway, mood is not the same ma, Friday mood is out of this world :p

Came to office with pantry door locked frm inside and they cant find the key. I was the last to leave last nite, i dont think i locked it accidently leh.. So weird and creepy x.x. IM IN NEED OF COFFEE!! OMG OMG! @_@

Blasted audi still not working on my pc. The guy that fixed it said he tried it d, and it could work at it his place. So he's wondering if it has to do with my wireless signal bein weak, i suspect the same thing actually.. sigh :(

Though last nite i checked my signal was quite strong but still i couldnt go in..ARGH! I cant even log in MSN, why why why??? Thus im stuck with using ebuddy for msn for the time being..Bla.

So had to go to cc to audi these few days. Really stressed out at work and needed a place to hide away. Decided to join expert compy ytd coz babe wanted to join so i thought oh well why not o.o. I told him im sure ill be out by the 1st rd anyway lolz.. It was FS mode and and and guess what??

I got 1st! LOL=x Shock me and i was so nervous lor when i saw i was in front, i kept thinking "ok when im a gonna miss x.x" But i didnt lmao :p.. Show off time!! Haha.. aiya, let me flaunt ma, its not often i join compy and not get kicked out in the 1st round lor.. cool right? :p LOLOL:X

Ok la back to reality, 2nd round was a pain in the butt. Exp Choreo and 123bpm Xmas Song - WTF?

Oh well, back to work i guess, *giggles* Work in FT? *giggles some more* :x

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I just want to be happy.

I wan to be able to, after a hard's day work, be able to go home, chat with my frens, play abit of games and relax without worrying abt work stuff.

Im trying so hard to smile even though i face so much shit. I juz want to know im cared about.

I don want to take out my anger at anyone, so pls don make me sadder by doing things that you know will. If ur really a close fren of mine, you will understand.

Im a simple girl, with a simple wish. To make me smile.

Is that so hard?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Im so fucking irritated! So fucking pissed! Why does everything keep going wrong for me??

Enuf is enuf man, I cant take this much fk up!

The one thing that i told myself to do, is slipping away. To not get angry at myself or the ppl ard me. But why? why does it keep testing my patience?

I thought i could get my pc fixed after i had it reformatted, still the same problem. Im so tired. I cant be positive after so much slaps in the face =\

I told myself last weekend to take everything in stride, to do my best and laugh watever problems comes my way. But tis is too much for me to take><.

And to top it all off, i just fell in the kitchen coz mum washed the floor and it was too slippery. Now my back hurts, i have a deep gash on my finger and im unhappy..Really unhappy :(

And you. Why do u keep doing this to me? Why cant u be more considerate of my feelings? Arent u suppose to be my closest friend? Why are u treating me like im nthg compared to the games u play? Was it really that hard to reply me? U couldnt reply me when u were in Sg bt was it impossible to do so when u reached home? At least during middle of game u could hv thought to send a short msg sayin ur back? Who was so impt to play with tat i wasnt even a mere thought in ur head? If it was random then it would be worse. Random ppl are more impt than me.

Im just so very depressed.
Day 5/ Day 6

Welcome home babe

Dear blog,

I had a horrible day today. So frustrated, so angry, so so.. out of words to say. So many things keep coming at once i juz feel so helpless against it. Why does it feel like nothing i do is enuf? Nthg is good enuf. My efforts seemed so unappreciated. Im mad, i really am.

I was angry the way back home, and took it out on family. Even though i said i wouldnt take out my anger at anyone anymore. Sigh. Im sorry mum. Somehow I juz felt like being the nice person, being the good guy is worthless. And i sat in my room feeling pissed at the world.

Then i played my fav inspirational show - One Litre of Tears. True story abt a girl who had an incurable disease and hw she faced it.. Cried for almost 6hrs. Im emotional that way..

Im reminded that there are other ppl who have more things to be mad abt and yet they look at life so positively. I can only wish im half as strong as those ppl. And though there is much sadness, we shd always look at the brighter side of life. Somehow, living is important. Living a full life :)

So, im better now.. in a way :) Wish u were here to listen to my rants though =\

"Tsuyoku mae he susume" ~ Be strong, go forward, move ahead

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 4

Cpu has been up n running since ytd afternoon. Finally went to get my GC fixed at the shop i bought my pc at. Told them wat happened and they asked me why i didnt take it to them in the 1st place..Yaya, i knw i screwed up with that 1st guy zzz..

Anyway, it was still cheaper than what the 1st guy quoted me (zzz again) and took it back happy and nervous. Was estatic when it worked and my mum looked at me and said "Look at the pc addict" =.= No lor, i was worried it wouldnt work. Ive been hitting alot of bad lucks recently :(

Then problem came ler.. i suspect something amiss with my windows installation. The guy did a lousy job reformatting and reinstalling for me sigh. Like chin chai do nia one. It was confirmed when i couldnt install msn, said my windows installer not updated. So i updated, even updated my service pack to 3. This time can install ler, bt after i online it got cut off and said something wrong with windows version. NAH! SEE! Tmd.

Jf's been helping me figure out wat the problem is, and we really think something screwed abt the windows lo. I did a registry chk and alot of errors eh =\ i dono if thats why even audi is nt working. I could patch and all but once i press start nothing happens :(


And and net connection is sloww...argh! Must be the wireless, i didnt hv so much problems when i was on lappy.. My ulcer is getting worse la like tis ><. Im trying to calm down and relax and not take out my anger at anyone, but i really feel like shit sia. Its not that i want to play or whatever, juz that im angry why are there so many problems coming at the same time? As if i dont hv enuf fk up right now, these things also wan irritate me. And now my left jaw feels swollen coz of the ulcer. Dam pek chek k?

I juz want to be able to fix something and be able to move on to other stuff..

Other than those fk up situations, the day has been pretty much warm so turned the aircon on and slept since i couldnt find a solution yet. And my car finally had itself cleaned up..sowie, i juz very no mood to clean u :x

Its Monday le tomoro, abit no mood again. Think will take my pc to the shop and ask them reformat. I trust these guys will do a better job ba. I donwan to fiddle ard with it anymore. Tired d..

And finally, in case i don talk to u later or tomoro.. Have a SAFE TRIP back babe! :D Miss u loads. Come back n tell me more stories ya? Haha..

K la, time to move away frm pc, getting irritated d ><.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 3

I regret going against myself and saying hi. I juz wanted to knw hw u were. For 2 whole day i waited fr something frm u. A short little msg tellin me hw u were, or askin hw i was. Nothing.

And u call me ur closest fren. Lol.

How is it so, when ur whole world knws what ur up to and i dont? And the min i say hello, u say ur gonna sleep. How do u think i was gonna react? U say i could hv on earlier, hw was i to knw when u would be on? I waited the entire night b4 in the cc fr u to come on but u nvr.

Not a word from u. I dont hv a lot of close frens, maybe tis is how its supposed to be.
And yet, i wish to cheer you on, hope u do well coz i believe u will, relax and juz do ur best. But i guess this is insignificant coz its not important to you. U have all the support u need from your frens. But i still wish to do it....
Ive said my apologies to you. Im sorry for ruinin ur days, but i deserve ur apologies too. Until u willingly apologize for the words u used on me, it will still be the same between us..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 2

Im missing someone, alot. Someone who probably has not given me maybe 5 mins of his time to wonder how im doing. *laughs at my stupidity*

PC still dead, lappy still dead, Im even more deader. Went to CC again ytd and played with baby and ven. My body was there, but my soul and mind went on a holiday. Wanted to buy graphics card ytd, but worked till quite late and was in no mood to go ard searching. Maybe today :)

Phone is fully functioning again after some attempts on killing itself few days ago. Kept hanging on me after i juz spent like 500bucks restoring my line. Heart pain zzz.. Hopefully i wont hv so much headache once my bro gives me his hp.

And love the new feature in FT, whr u can juz plow and plant by juz clicking on all the fields and watch them slowly plant. Last time we had to do one field a time..soo traumatic lol :x

Back to work i guess :) *loves*

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 1

I cried on my way back home ytd. Why do u always say hurtful words?

Anyway, good luck and have fun.

My life is pretty redundant now that my lappy committed suicide on Monday :( I stay back at the office juz to use the pc, though its pretty eerie after work here. Then i go home and stare blankly at the tv. It might be a good time to reflect.

Normally, my pc is my alternative world, a place i hide away and forget about work, life bla bla... now that i dont have that, im pretty much screwed.

I should hv more to blog about, but i dont feel like talking. Not to anyone. Not even myself. Maybe its a good thing i don have net and a pc, i can hideaway completely frm the world. Im gonna change my phone number today i think, after so long. Then ill be completely unreachable.

Oh well.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Havent "started" working since..well..i came in for work? Been FB'ing the entire time.. So not in the mood to do anything now :(


This will be my last post for the time being, will be away for awhile. For those who care to know what im up to always and come in here to keep themselves updated, thank you :) ♥ ♥ ♥. I will be back when im ready to blog again.

Loves and kisses.. till we meet again :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Im very sleepy. Very.

Slept ard 2plus again ytd, busy harvesting, plowing and planting. Tried to harvest and plant myself with another acc bt was lagging like hell. So dragged baby to plow for me. She said she almost cried -.-" U shd see when ii plowed my field last time, almost 1hr k? This is like child's play to me :x But then thanks baby :) Ur a life saver..

Guess thats about it, have nothing really to talk about. I dont see the point of saying anything else here to you, coz it will always be my fault so why bother? Like u said, its always about me and my emo thoughts. So there, I admit Im wrong. Im always wrong.

Take care.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

1st and foremost before i start my bloggin,

Happy Bird-Day Piggie Sis!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Wahaha ur officially older by one yr d :p. Hopefully she doesnt read this post anytime soon though lol x.x. Anyway, celebrated her b'day one day earlier ytd :) Went up to Cameron Highlands and back in ONE day! @@;; My family nvr plans things, they like being spontaneous and then when it doesnt go right they will say, "ok next time we must plan properly." But they nvr do. Lol -.-

Anyway, it did go wrong. The ride up was a bit on the horrid side. Bro had borrowed a car frm his company, a Mitsubishi Lancer. Very very cool car, horrid suspension. Previous owner juz changed the rims and stuff and going uphill was a nightmare. Shake, shake, bounce, shake x.x. Had a bad breakfast, and ended up with food halfway up i had to ask them to stop the car and i puked =x I really did :( With all that shaking, it had to come out..yucks ><.

So, i was feeling drowsy and tired. When we reached the top (seemed like forever) they couldnt find hotels (spontaneity? lol..) it was all really fully booked. No joke man. And this will result in my mum getting pissed, bro getting pissed, sis pretending not to know, and me caught in the middle. Hmm. I will always wonder why we keep doin this over n over again.

We were left with no choice but to go for our steamboat lunch (yummy!) which had a calming effect on everyone and ate to our hearts content. Really nice lo, esp the veggies :D. Will post pic tomoro maybe, its still in my phone hehe..

Then went shopping for stuff, strawberries especially. Dried ones, fresh ones, strawberry jams, strawberry juice, strawberry ice cream...and the list goes on haha.. Ate ate ate x.x. It was raining quite heavily (another qn in my head, when they had already checked the previous nite that there was gonna be a thunderstorm..still they wanted to go) Later only did i find out the boot was filled with stuff for staying overnight, steamboat pots, etc etc..

Came down at abt 5pm, was still raining like mad. Sorry bro kenot help u drive down, was still feelin like shit @@. Rained the entire journey home and reached Pg at almost 8pm..Tired, dizzy, nauseous and

So, moral of the story, dont have unplanned trips. LOL! As if! Its so gonna happen again! Bleh.

Oh well, its Sunday again *sobs* and Monday is tomoro...why why why?? I stil need more sleep..think i shall go find my bed now :p

Cheers mates, have a great week ahead! (NOT! Jk :p)

~ Dont talk abt death to me and expect me not to react. Ive learned the hard way abt ppl taking theirs. Its not a joke to me, and i will not tolerate it being casually said in anyway no matter what. I barely made it through the last time and suddenly im reminded of that sad times..~

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Flee-Day my fellow earthlings :)

Time to rejoice and relax again^^. My eyes hurt even more today, coz of my stubborness to sleep earlier last nite. Baka me. Hopefully i will get to rest it more tomoro (yeah right:x). Since my expected guests from KL have detoured and are now goin to Hatyai instead of Penang. Have fun uncle!

So, thats it. Currently no plans for the next 2 days, though i hear family planning some outing thingy coz of my sis's b'day on Sunday. Hmm.. but i wont know abt it until it happen =.=. Bla them.

Still trying to reno my farm, bt really eyes cant take the details needed to do it lol. And i suddenly had a sneezin spell the entire night forcing me to stop whatever i was attempting to do. A sign to rest maybe?

Anyway, have a great weekend guys, rest more for those who have been working hard and exhausted themselves. U deserve it :)
Stop being an ass.

To answer ur qn, if u had said that to me, i would said "aww, jyjy" and not "whats wrong wif me moving up 2?" " i nvr say to u why u move 50 hearts :("

If u got my meaning, it wasnt harmful at all, but u had to go all defensive. Its not even impt, juz i wanted to be near ur number.

If ur gonna show kiasuism to me also, save it. I dont really care. Dont send any to me, don bother. That way i wont even move close to u. Wtf.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exasperated. Annoyed. Fucking pissed.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Im extremely tired and seriously lack of sleep.

Seriously, my eyes are red and dry x.x. Think i might looking at pc abit way too much. Frm 9am to abt 2am everyday. Duh. Me goin blind soon me thinks =x.

Are u thinking to urself, "Hey why is she bloggin when she's supposed to be working?", even if u didnt ima still gonna answer u lol.. Coz FB is not working and keep dc'ing on me. HAHAHA! :x

I also had a dream last nite. My qn is, How do you know when u overplay a game? Answer: When u have a dream like mine. I dreamt that my sis came to my farm and told me she overtook my lvl d. I was like wtf? How come u can pass me?? Lol -.-"

Im guessing im plowing abit too much. Ishk.

Back to work then, another 1/2 hr and ima goin home.. Wee~ ♥

Added: Treated sis to lunch at Queensbay today :) We had Nippon Yataimura and frankly was a bit disappointing. The one i had at 1-U last month was way much nicer. Verdict: Shall not step foot in there again =x. Sis forgot abt Sakae Sushi which also there and nicer (nt to mention cheaper). Pretended to be ignorant and ask her to belanja me tomoro LOL! Hey, im a nice sister k?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Short post for today, super uber tired.

Had a horrible Monday and what a way to start the week..

Woke up late coz was plowing n planting till abt 2plus :x, so naturally woke up with a headache. Got dressed and went to car. One turn, nothing. 2nd turn, still nothing. Grr. 3rd turn, omfgwthbbq dont tell me battery dead!! Yes friends, it died on me :(
Rush back into hm to wake mum up, and according to them, i asked them in such way like they poisoned my car coz mum juz put water for me lolz..Sheesh, i dont recall saying that way k? Maybe..i was juz abit blur, Monday morning ma x.x.
Neway, heng sis also wake up late for work, she was busy plowing n planting also LOL! =x Really laugh like crazy on the way to work coz she had to drop me off. Plant somemore la sis, kena deduct for lateness.Hahahahahaha ;x And i reached on time coz my punch in clock is slow by 10mins..:p
Busy day, no time to even go in Fb for more than 5 mins. Bosses were ard most part of the day and lots of shyt to handle. I hate Mondays. Mum called to say battery replaced le. Poof there goes my salary before i even cash it out. And i have to pay my stupiak RM500 phone bill. Im so fucked. Sigh.
When it rains, it really really pours for me =.="
Off to bed ba, no point thinking of it now. Lesson learnt for the day. Painful but nevertheless still a lesson.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Greetings to the world @ 5th July 09

Once again, its a Sunday evening (boo hoo~). Slowly a bluesy feeling will creep up to u unexpectedly and then..BOOOM! Its a Monday! Lolz. Tryin to creative lah, hope i dont turn out to be lame :X.

And also once again, ive made my weekends a "Sleep through the day - no matter what happens" though i still feel very very sleepy. Hmm, i dont think i will ever hv enough sleep lol..But then its good to sleep ya? Sleep is good :p
So, what else have i done other than sleep? Been a very busy farmer, haha. Coz im saving up to buy my farmhouse so hv been planting 4hrs crops and it takes me ard 1hr to plow n plant everytime x.x that is if it doesnt lag. Pulled babe into harvesting the whole lot fr me haha :x See i proved ur point, and u were right. Tiring, but still :p. And for the 1st time, im actually the same lvl as you in a game :D:D. Dont always run la u! Rawr!
Only bad thing was i couldnt wake up tis morning and half my crops died ><. Thanks babe for salvaging the other half...I couldnt wake up coz 1. my alarm did not go off (thinks Sunday is its day off too) and 2. watched another gore movie till abt 4plus thus oversleeping =x. Blah.
Next 2 weeks i wont be able to my sleep fest le coz some frens are coming to KL for hols so im bringing them ard and the week after is my good friends' wedding, so will be busy with that. Hey, i do have a life k? Juz i sometimes lazy to go out nia..Lol.
Oh well, im sleepy again..want to go take a short nap d :x. Let me enjoy whatever is remaining of my weekend leh!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fly-Day peepos :D

That time of the week again where we rejoice after one whole week of slaving and farming, eh, i mean working hard :p
Wednesday was a bad day for me. For the 1st time in a month i feel really annoyed with the ppl i work here. Sheesh. Came in at 9am but office was closed and another colleague of mine said that the other colleague did not respond to him ringing the door bell. So stood outside till the 2nd flr ppl came to open the main door. Then stood outside the main door and waited again. Now see, i dont knw who's fault it is d. My colleague, who i kept asking to call that lady but he kept saying wait abit more, the lady who was ACTUALLY inside the office who didnt hear us knock a few times or me and my lousy no battery phone -.-. I think it was me, what u think? Zzz.
So in conclusion, went in to office at abt 20 past 10 and the old lady yapping abt why we so dumb nvr call her, colleague talking rubbish and i had to work an extra 1 1/2 hrs to pay back on this, i dont even know wat to call it, so that my salary is not deducted. Bla bla bla bla..
Thursday. Day started uncomfortably as well. I dont get it why those can argue over something so unmeaningful and unimportant. It feels so un-harmanious working there at times when ppl fight over things that are so obsolete. Sigh =/ I shan't go over what actually happened juz this, it was meaningless n childish to summarize it all. sheesh.
Was also crazily busy in the afternoon. Bosses had to submit a tender for a new project and there this big stack of forms we had to fill out. Wrote until my fingers were sore ><. Goes to show how long ive held a pen and wrote like that. Not since i was in college i think lolz. Neway, did that from before lunch until almost 5. Tired as hell x.x
Well, its Fly-day, we shd all rejoice and welcome it with open arms :D. Time to forget wat has happened for the past week and look forward to a good rest over the weekend. I know i will :).

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Its 2am and im still awake. Why? Coz ims standing in the market of farmtown waiting to get harvesting jobs..LOL! =x hey, ive earned quite abit lor. Seems today is a slower day, bt still ive earned quite alot dy. I figured i must be doing something wrong coz even my sis is earning more than me wtf. She gets alot of jobs and money juz by harvestin for ppl. And since i figure i dont get to harvest for anyone might as well try and see, its quite cool actually :)

The 1st job i got was actually a pumpkin farm and guess wat? I accidently clicked the go home button.. arghhh!! -.- All i could was an ocean of orange pumpkins..i could earned alot of moolah :(. Im so gonna complain that its a stupid place for that button=x And my sis ended with a pumpkin fest and the owner juz hired her for the whole farm. Dam it.

I juz realised my eyes are bloodshot and okok shall sleep once i get another job..=x

Its very addictive.. rofl.

So its the middle of the week again, time surely flies. Guess coz im fully occupied at work ba. Its been tiresome sorting out the junk accs since 2006 but then it passes time, so i guess i shdnt complain lol. Pay day soon weeee.. but i found out my phone bill came up to 500bucks this month @@;;;; all coz of the int calls i made to mum when i was in Oz. I feel quite cheated actually coz alot of the details for int roaming was left out when i 1st signed up for the postpaid plan. Bah. So pockets will still hv a hole for this month all because of this. Fk.

Bosses came back to office today and spent the most part of the day there. Sien. Freedom experienced during the 3 days they werent here will be sorely missed =x Hopefully they dont come in tomoro lolzz.
Oh, i juz got hired! Gtg guys hehe!! Have a great day today ya ! Mwah!