Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fly-Day peepos :D

That time of the week again where we rejoice after one whole week of slaving and farming, eh, i mean working hard :p
Wednesday was a bad day for me. For the 1st time in a month i feel really annoyed with the ppl i work here. Sheesh. Came in at 9am but office was closed and another colleague of mine said that the other colleague did not respond to him ringing the door bell. So stood outside till the 2nd flr ppl came to open the main door. Then stood outside the main door and waited again. Now see, i dont knw who's fault it is d. My colleague, who i kept asking to call that lady but he kept saying wait abit more, the lady who was ACTUALLY inside the office who didnt hear us knock a few times or me and my lousy no battery phone -.-. I think it was me, what u think? Zzz.
So in conclusion, went in to office at abt 20 past 10 and the old lady yapping abt why we so dumb nvr call her, colleague talking rubbish and i had to work an extra 1 1/2 hrs to pay back on this, i dont even know wat to call it, so that my salary is not deducted. Bla bla bla bla..
Thursday. Day started uncomfortably as well. I dont get it why those can argue over something so unmeaningful and unimportant. It feels so un-harmanious working there at times when ppl fight over things that are so obsolete. Sigh =/ I shan't go over what actually happened juz this, it was meaningless n childish to summarize it all. sheesh.
Was also crazily busy in the afternoon. Bosses had to submit a tender for a new project and there this big stack of forms we had to fill out. Wrote until my fingers were sore ><. Goes to show how long ive held a pen and wrote like that. Not since i was in college i think lolz. Neway, did that from before lunch until almost 5. Tired as hell x.x
Well, its Fly-day, we shd all rejoice and welcome it with open arms :D. Time to forget wat has happened for the past week and look forward to a good rest over the weekend. I know i will :).

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