Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday!!! XDDD

Currently alone in the office, thus am doing non work related stuff (blogging, FB'ing, surfing..). Hmm come to think of it Ive been doing it all this time =x. Anyway, mood is not the same ma, Friday mood is out of this world :p

Came to office with pantry door locked frm inside and they cant find the key. I was the last to leave last nite, i dont think i locked it accidently leh.. So weird and creepy x.x. IM IN NEED OF COFFEE!! OMG OMG! @_@

Blasted audi still not working on my pc. The guy that fixed it said he tried it d, and it could work at it his place. So he's wondering if it has to do with my wireless signal bein weak, i suspect the same thing actually.. sigh :(

Though last nite i checked my signal was quite strong but still i couldnt go in..ARGH! I cant even log in MSN, why why why??? Thus im stuck with using ebuddy for msn for the time being..Bla.

So had to go to cc to audi these few days. Really stressed out at work and needed a place to hide away. Decided to join expert compy ytd coz babe wanted to join so i thought oh well why not o.o. I told him im sure ill be out by the 1st rd anyway lolz.. It was FS mode and and and guess what??

I got 1st! LOL=x Shock me and i was so nervous lor when i saw i was in front, i kept thinking "ok when im a gonna miss x.x" But i didnt lmao :p.. Show off time!! Haha.. aiya, let me flaunt ma, its not often i join compy and not get kicked out in the 1st round lor.. cool right? :p LOLOL:X

Ok la back to reality, 2nd round was a pain in the butt. Exp Choreo and 123bpm Xmas Song - WTF?

Oh well, back to work i guess, *giggles* Work in FT? *giggles some more* :x

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