Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 1

I cried on my way back home ytd. Why do u always say hurtful words?

Anyway, good luck and have fun.

My life is pretty redundant now that my lappy committed suicide on Monday :( I stay back at the office juz to use the pc, though its pretty eerie after work here. Then i go home and stare blankly at the tv. It might be a good time to reflect.

Normally, my pc is my alternative world, a place i hide away and forget about work, life bla bla... now that i dont have that, im pretty much screwed.

I should hv more to blog about, but i dont feel like talking. Not to anyone. Not even myself. Maybe its a good thing i don have net and a pc, i can hideaway completely frm the world. Im gonna change my phone number today i think, after so long. Then ill be completely unreachable.

Oh well.

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