Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Short post for today, super uber tired.

Had a horrible Monday and what a way to start the week..

Woke up late coz was plowing n planting till abt 2plus :x, so naturally woke up with a headache. Got dressed and went to car. One turn, nothing. 2nd turn, still nothing. Grr. 3rd turn, omfgwthbbq dont tell me battery dead!! Yes friends, it died on me :(
Rush back into hm to wake mum up, and according to them, i asked them in such way like they poisoned my car coz mum juz put water for me lolz..Sheesh, i dont recall saying that way k? Maybe..i was juz abit blur, Monday morning ma x.x.
Neway, heng sis also wake up late for work, she was busy plowing n planting also LOL! =x Really laugh like crazy on the way to work coz she had to drop me off. Plant somemore la sis, kena deduct for lateness.Hahahahahaha ;x And i reached on time coz my punch in clock is slow by 10mins..:p
Busy day, no time to even go in Fb for more than 5 mins. Bosses were ard most part of the day and lots of shyt to handle. I hate Mondays. Mum called to say battery replaced le. Poof there goes my salary before i even cash it out. And i have to pay my stupiak RM500 phone bill. Im so fucked. Sigh.
When it rains, it really really pours for me =.="
Off to bed ba, no point thinking of it now. Lesson learnt for the day. Painful but nevertheless still a lesson.

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