Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Im extremely tired and seriously lack of sleep.

Seriously, my eyes are red and dry x.x. Think i might looking at pc abit way too much. Frm 9am to abt 2am everyday. Duh. Me goin blind soon me thinks =x.

Are u thinking to urself, "Hey why is she bloggin when she's supposed to be working?", even if u didnt ima still gonna answer u lol.. Coz FB is not working and keep dc'ing on me. HAHAHA! :x

I also had a dream last nite. My qn is, How do you know when u overplay a game? Answer: When u have a dream like mine. I dreamt that my sis came to my farm and told me she overtook my lvl d. I was like wtf? How come u can pass me?? Lol -.-"

Im guessing im plowing abit too much. Ishk.

Back to work then, another 1/2 hr and ima goin home.. Wee~ ♥

Added: Treated sis to lunch at Queensbay today :) We had Nippon Yataimura and frankly was a bit disappointing. The one i had at 1-U last month was way much nicer. Verdict: Shall not step foot in there again =x. Sis forgot abt Sakae Sushi which also there and nicer (nt to mention cheaper). Pretended to be ignorant and ask her to belanja me tomoro LOL! Hey, im a nice sister k?

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