Sunday, July 12, 2009

1st and foremost before i start my bloggin,

Happy Bird-Day Piggie Sis!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Wahaha ur officially older by one yr d :p. Hopefully she doesnt read this post anytime soon though lol x.x. Anyway, celebrated her b'day one day earlier ytd :) Went up to Cameron Highlands and back in ONE day! @@;; My family nvr plans things, they like being spontaneous and then when it doesnt go right they will say, "ok next time we must plan properly." But they nvr do. Lol -.-

Anyway, it did go wrong. The ride up was a bit on the horrid side. Bro had borrowed a car frm his company, a Mitsubishi Lancer. Very very cool car, horrid suspension. Previous owner juz changed the rims and stuff and going uphill was a nightmare. Shake, shake, bounce, shake x.x. Had a bad breakfast, and ended up with food halfway up i had to ask them to stop the car and i puked =x I really did :( With all that shaking, it had to come out..yucks ><.

So, i was feeling drowsy and tired. When we reached the top (seemed like forever) they couldnt find hotels (spontaneity? lol..) it was all really fully booked. No joke man. And this will result in my mum getting pissed, bro getting pissed, sis pretending not to know, and me caught in the middle. Hmm. I will always wonder why we keep doin this over n over again.

We were left with no choice but to go for our steamboat lunch (yummy!) which had a calming effect on everyone and ate to our hearts content. Really nice lo, esp the veggies :D. Will post pic tomoro maybe, its still in my phone hehe..

Then went shopping for stuff, strawberries especially. Dried ones, fresh ones, strawberry jams, strawberry juice, strawberry ice cream...and the list goes on haha.. Ate ate ate x.x. It was raining quite heavily (another qn in my head, when they had already checked the previous nite that there was gonna be a thunderstorm..still they wanted to go) Later only did i find out the boot was filled with stuff for staying overnight, steamboat pots, etc etc..

Came down at abt 5pm, was still raining like mad. Sorry bro kenot help u drive down, was still feelin like shit @@. Rained the entire journey home and reached Pg at almost 8pm..Tired, dizzy, nauseous and

So, moral of the story, dont have unplanned trips. LOL! As if! Its so gonna happen again! Bleh.

Oh well, its Sunday again *sobs* and Monday is tomoro...why why why?? I stil need more sleep..think i shall go find my bed now :p

Cheers mates, have a great week ahead! (NOT! Jk :p)

~ Dont talk abt death to me and expect me not to react. Ive learned the hard way abt ppl taking theirs. Its not a joke to me, and i will not tolerate it being casually said in anyway no matter what. I barely made it through the last time and suddenly im reminded of that sad times..~

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