Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Its 2am and im still awake. Why? Coz ims standing in the market of farmtown waiting to get harvesting jobs..LOL! =x hey, ive earned quite abit lor. Seems today is a slower day, bt still ive earned quite alot dy. I figured i must be doing something wrong coz even my sis is earning more than me wtf. She gets alot of jobs and money juz by harvestin for ppl. And since i figure i dont get to harvest for anyone might as well try and see, its quite cool actually :)

The 1st job i got was actually a pumpkin farm and guess wat? I accidently clicked the go home button.. arghhh!! -.- All i could was an ocean of orange pumpkins..i could earned alot of moolah :(. Im so gonna complain that its a stupid place for that button=x And my sis ended with a pumpkin fest and the owner juz hired her for the whole farm. Dam it.

I juz realised my eyes are bloodshot and okok shall sleep once i get another job..=x

Its very addictive.. rofl.

So its the middle of the week again, time surely flies. Guess coz im fully occupied at work ba. Its been tiresome sorting out the junk accs since 2006 but then it passes time, so i guess i shdnt complain lol. Pay day soon weeee.. but i found out my phone bill came up to 500bucks this month @@;;;; all coz of the int calls i made to mum when i was in Oz. I feel quite cheated actually coz alot of the details for int roaming was left out when i 1st signed up for the postpaid plan. Bah. So pockets will still hv a hole for this month all because of this. Fk.

Bosses came back to office today and spent the most part of the day there. Sien. Freedom experienced during the 3 days they werent here will be sorely missed =x Hopefully they dont come in tomoro lolzz.
Oh, i juz got hired! Gtg guys hehe!! Have a great day today ya ! Mwah!

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