Sunday, July 5, 2009

Greetings to the world @ 5th July 09

Once again, its a Sunday evening (boo hoo~). Slowly a bluesy feeling will creep up to u unexpectedly and then..BOOOM! Its a Monday! Lolz. Tryin to creative lah, hope i dont turn out to be lame :X.

And also once again, ive made my weekends a "Sleep through the day - no matter what happens" though i still feel very very sleepy. Hmm, i dont think i will ever hv enough sleep lol..But then its good to sleep ya? Sleep is good :p
So, what else have i done other than sleep? Been a very busy farmer, haha. Coz im saving up to buy my farmhouse so hv been planting 4hrs crops and it takes me ard 1hr to plow n plant everytime x.x that is if it doesnt lag. Pulled babe into harvesting the whole lot fr me haha :x See i proved ur point, and u were right. Tiring, but still :p. And for the 1st time, im actually the same lvl as you in a game :D:D. Dont always run la u! Rawr!
Only bad thing was i couldnt wake up tis morning and half my crops died ><. Thanks babe for salvaging the other half...I couldnt wake up coz 1. my alarm did not go off (thinks Sunday is its day off too) and 2. watched another gore movie till abt 4plus thus oversleeping =x. Blah.
Next 2 weeks i wont be able to my sleep fest le coz some frens are coming to KL for hols so im bringing them ard and the week after is my good friends' wedding, so will be busy with that. Hey, i do have a life k? Juz i sometimes lazy to go out nia..Lol.
Oh well, im sleepy again..want to go take a short nap d :x. Let me enjoy whatever is remaining of my weekend leh!

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