Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 4

Cpu has been up n running since ytd afternoon. Finally went to get my GC fixed at the shop i bought my pc at. Told them wat happened and they asked me why i didnt take it to them in the 1st place..Yaya, i knw i screwed up with that 1st guy zzz..

Anyway, it was still cheaper than what the 1st guy quoted me (zzz again) and took it back happy and nervous. Was estatic when it worked and my mum looked at me and said "Look at the pc addict" =.= No lor, i was worried it wouldnt work. Ive been hitting alot of bad lucks recently :(

Then problem came ler.. i suspect something amiss with my windows installation. The guy did a lousy job reformatting and reinstalling for me sigh. Like chin chai do nia one. It was confirmed when i couldnt install msn, said my windows installer not updated. So i updated, even updated my service pack to 3. This time can install ler, bt after i online it got cut off and said something wrong with windows version. NAH! SEE! Tmd.

Jf's been helping me figure out wat the problem is, and we really think something screwed abt the windows lo. I did a registry chk and alot of errors eh =\ i dono if thats why even audi is nt working. I could patch and all but once i press start nothing happens :(


And and net connection is sloww...argh! Must be the wireless, i didnt hv so much problems when i was on lappy.. My ulcer is getting worse la like tis ><. Im trying to calm down and relax and not take out my anger at anyone, but i really feel like shit sia. Its not that i want to play or whatever, juz that im angry why are there so many problems coming at the same time? As if i dont hv enuf fk up right now, these things also wan irritate me. And now my left jaw feels swollen coz of the ulcer. Dam pek chek k?

I juz want to be able to fix something and be able to move on to other stuff..

Other than those fk up situations, the day has been pretty much warm so turned the aircon on and slept since i couldnt find a solution yet. And my car finally had itself cleaned up..sowie, i juz very no mood to clean u :x

Its Monday le tomoro, abit no mood again. Think will take my pc to the shop and ask them reformat. I trust these guys will do a better job ba. I donwan to fiddle ard with it anymore. Tired d..

And finally, in case i don talk to u later or tomoro.. Have a SAFE TRIP back babe! :D Miss u loads. Come back n tell me more stories ya? Haha..

K la, time to move away frm pc, getting irritated d ><.

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