Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 5/ Day 6

Welcome home babe

Dear blog,

I had a horrible day today. So frustrated, so angry, so so.. out of words to say. So many things keep coming at once i juz feel so helpless against it. Why does it feel like nothing i do is enuf? Nthg is good enuf. My efforts seemed so unappreciated. Im mad, i really am.

I was angry the way back home, and took it out on family. Even though i said i wouldnt take out my anger at anyone anymore. Sigh. Im sorry mum. Somehow I juz felt like being the nice person, being the good guy is worthless. And i sat in my room feeling pissed at the world.

Then i played my fav inspirational show - One Litre of Tears. True story abt a girl who had an incurable disease and hw she faced it.. Cried for almost 6hrs. Im emotional that way..

Im reminded that there are other ppl who have more things to be mad abt and yet they look at life so positively. I can only wish im half as strong as those ppl. And though there is much sadness, we shd always look at the brighter side of life. Somehow, living is important. Living a full life :)

So, im better now.. in a way :) Wish u were here to listen to my rants though =\

"Tsuyoku mae he susume" ~ Be strong, go forward, move ahead

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