Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 2

Im missing someone, alot. Someone who probably has not given me maybe 5 mins of his time to wonder how im doing. *laughs at my stupidity*

PC still dead, lappy still dead, Im even more deader. Went to CC again ytd and played with baby and ven. My body was there, but my soul and mind went on a holiday. Wanted to buy graphics card ytd, but worked till quite late and was in no mood to go ard searching. Maybe today :)

Phone is fully functioning again after some attempts on killing itself few days ago. Kept hanging on me after i juz spent like 500bucks restoring my line. Heart pain zzz.. Hopefully i wont hv so much headache once my bro gives me his hp.

And love the new feature in FT, whr u can juz plow and plant by juz clicking on all the fields and watch them slowly plant. Last time we had to do one field a time..soo traumatic lol :x

Back to work i guess :) *loves*

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