Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Flee-Day my fellow earthlings :)

Time to rejoice and relax again^^. My eyes hurt even more today, coz of my stubborness to sleep earlier last nite. Baka me. Hopefully i will get to rest it more tomoro (yeah right:x). Since my expected guests from KL have detoured and are now goin to Hatyai instead of Penang. Have fun uncle!

So, thats it. Currently no plans for the next 2 days, though i hear family planning some outing thingy coz of my sis's b'day on Sunday. Hmm.. but i wont know abt it until it happen =.=. Bla them.

Still trying to reno my farm, bt really eyes cant take the details needed to do it lol. And i suddenly had a sneezin spell the entire night forcing me to stop whatever i was attempting to do. A sign to rest maybe?

Anyway, have a great weekend guys, rest more for those who have been working hard and exhausted themselves. U deserve it :)

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