Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 3

I regret going against myself and saying hi. I juz wanted to knw hw u were. For 2 whole day i waited fr something frm u. A short little msg tellin me hw u were, or askin hw i was. Nothing.

And u call me ur closest fren. Lol.

How is it so, when ur whole world knws what ur up to and i dont? And the min i say hello, u say ur gonna sleep. How do u think i was gonna react? U say i could hv on earlier, hw was i to knw when u would be on? I waited the entire night b4 in the cc fr u to come on but u nvr.

Not a word from u. I dont hv a lot of close frens, maybe tis is how its supposed to be.
And yet, i wish to cheer you on, hope u do well coz i believe u will, relax and juz do ur best. But i guess this is insignificant coz its not important to you. U have all the support u need from your frens. But i still wish to do it....
Ive said my apologies to you. Im sorry for ruinin ur days, but i deserve ur apologies too. Until u willingly apologize for the words u used on me, it will still be the same between us..

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