Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Tuesday~! :D
Well, its the last day of June and officially end of the 1st half of 2009. Time to look back and see what we've actually achieved so far. Coz before u knw it, its gonna be 2010, another year, another journey.

My 2009 has been bitter sweet so far. Lessons learnt, new adventures, new insights, new places seen :). Its has also been a year of friends gained & friends lost, love found and slipped away, sanity coming and going away for a short while. Happy times, sad times and even really depressing times. Cest la vie? Oui :)
A brief summary of my year so far ~
Jan to Feb ~ Was still in KL, working at Marcus Evans aka ME. Though the work was mundane it was also challengin at the same time. I came in at the wrong time though coz at the end of 2008 the economic crisis hit worldwide and alot of companies could not afford to sent their ppl for expensive training anymore. I learnt alot frm ME, gained my confidence in talking to some really fked up ppl. Lolz. Gained alot of good frens frm there too, and i miss them loads. Hope to see u guys soon :) In the end, though it was lonely and stressful at times, for once i was away frm my family, on my own and truthfully i kinda miss it. I miss alot of things in KL, the good and bad of it lolz.
March to Apr ~ Came back to Pg on my mum's insistence. Since she did not approve of the jobs i actually found in KL(see? here's whr the cant say 'No' comes in..Im such a sucker..sigh) so i did. Broke my ankle the 1st week i came back -.- ( a sign?) and was cast ridden for 1 1/2 months. Couldnt even leave home, wth, stuck at home, and with my pc down, had to content myself with sustaining my r/s with my dear old lappy.
May~ OZ!! Best trip ever, saw alot of things, ate alot of stuff :p and went alot of places. And dam was it cold! :D:D Came back relatively broke though but its ok, it was an eye opener to me and i hope i get to travel more :D ( NZ soon? Maybe ^^)
June ~ New job, new start, very old office lol. Got a job at my mum's frens place. Construction co. and they deal with housing project, government projects..etc etc. Im supposed to be the Project exec, but so far hv only been doing accs coz they dont hv one yet and their new project will be starting in a month or so. Well, its a learning grd for me, and its a good line to go into so, yeah. Nothing bad abt the job, i hv my net which means i can access Fb at work :p so im happy haha.. The only downside is the lady im working with..If uve read my previous posts, ull knw wat i mean, if not, pls go read. 'Nuf said.
So thats it, my year so far. Seems like i havent done much and there is so much still that i wanna say and do. All I wish for is that someone will be there to be my candle when i reach the darkness in my life, some1 who will hold my hand n nvr let it go till i see light again.
I deserve that much.

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