Sunday, June 7, 2009

Im attempting to update x.x~

This page has been opened since 5pm and i have not put in a single word...until now ><. JY ME! Hmm, whr do i start? Here goes...
Ytd was the ASGF 09 compy at 1Utama. Left home uber early to the bus station. Luckily the bus ride was a smooth one and actually reached at abt 1.30. Took the lrt then took the taxi to the venue. In short i was there at abt 2plus :)

Dam the place was huge, i had to walk ard for quite awhile juz to find whr it was. And when i finally found it, walao so many ppl leh x.x.. Guess coz it was of the hols thus the insanely amt of ppl in the mall ><. Anyway registered (though i did feel like not at one point lol), went to get my goodie bag frm the verification counter (thx babe for telling me xD) and got my free in game cap..poor babe got the maple sea items, doink u. But since i had 2, i gave one to him (lets be kuku together :p)
Loitered ard the place, coz the were still having the other comps going on..i nvr even practised sigh..Been playin on lappy so long le, lost touch on how to play on a proper pc :( Saw ppl playin on demo pc's, and also found the stall to buy my scholar jimjim pet :)

Went to get lunch at a Jap place, had teppan salmon yum :p and headed back to the event place. The pc were empty le, bt i asked the guys could we warm up, they say kenot zzz. So i juz stood ard n waited. Manatau they let them in to play after that, more zzzz's.

Event started at abt 5, and i ended up same room as Keichisan and babe. Diao ~.~ Still i tried playin ba, but 4k really nt my thing :( Nvm ba, will def try again next time, coz through it all, it was quite fun :)

Finals were babe, keichisan, miki and socks. I was so nervous watching them lol..esp after the 1st rd and they had to restart coz socks accidently unplugged her earphone. But but..

Babe won!! Yay~ xDD I knew u would, didnt i? didnt i? :p

So, him, keichisan n miki are goin to korea end of this month to compete...i wana go :(

Then i receive msg stating that my flight had been postponed. From 8 to 11pm! Wtf? So i rushed to tell my taxi driver (lol, tis guy was the one who took me here earlier n offered to pick me up also haha) Found him, told him abt delay and still he said "i wan to come also later" LOL. Oh well, at least i didnt hv to worry abt the ride later, and he charged me quite reasonably also :)

So walked ard in 1-U until my feet hurt :( Sat at A&W and had a rootbeer float :p and walked somemore..Called some frens and they were scolding me coz i nvr tell them i was here earlier =x. Will come down again next month guys :) Then slowly tried to find my way to the place the taxi was waiting fr me. Walao took me 1/2hr, couldnt find the dam place :(

Had a talk on the ride there lol, then he was surprised when i spoke hockkein on the phone to my mum and started talking in hockkein to me. Cute. But he was a really nice taxi driver lol. Reached the airport at abt 10 and waited, falling asleep le. And my toes were really hurting. And my phone batt died tmd =.= Lousy, and i juz made like 2 phone calls the whole day, hp is dying ><.
Reached pg at abt 12plus le, die no transport to my car which was at the bus terminal. I thought a 5min ride, take taxi ba. They were gonna charge me RM39!! WTF?? Crazy blood suckers.Even KL not that expensive k? Fuckers=x

Tried to call a few ppl, but couldnt get them ><. My feet really hurt liao lo, and i was in the middle of nowhere and guess what i decided to walk. Crazy me, in the middle of the night n limping..My broken ankle leg started to hurt d..

Lucky an off duty bus driver saw me and asked me what i was doing lol. Then he took pity on me n offered me a ride! Say u crazy ar, this hr walk Normally i wouldnt even get on a bus juz like that, but it felt safe so i got on. Then we talked (lol, i seem to have this affinity with transportation ppl) He told me wat time the buses end, where to take what bus, they whole bus story lol..

Actually, i had this properly planned. If my plane had arrive at 9 in Pg as it was suppose to, I would juz take the bus down. Even if it was late fr 1hr i would still nt hv this problem. But nooo..3 bloody hrs =.=

Reached my car safe n sound, and reached hm at abt 1plus..dam tired le. When i took off my shoe, realised it was bleeding ><. Sigh :( Mum nagged abit, i told my phone died, also she didnt believe me =.= too tired to explain.

Anyway, though it was alot of probs here n there, im lucky to have met at least a few good ppl who got me safely hm :) And im glad that u did call and talked to me, at least i didnt feel so alone then.

Oh well, Monday blues, its a wonder i managed to blog so much though, coz im really falling asleep le lo..

Have a great week ahead guys! I hope Friday comes soon! LOL! =x

P/s: no pics yet, too lazy. will post soon! :p

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