Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2.30am....and im still awake x.x

I really shd be sleeping d, but was straightening my hair till now lol..Dono why, the 1st time i did it and went to Oz, came back the whole head like frizzy =x Bth asked my sis to fix it for me.. Had to psycho her abit though, told her abt my colleague commenting abt my hair, that set her off d :p Kiausu'ism hehe..

Work was same old, lucky it ended super fast today. Still helpin with the purchasing, payment due to suppliers coz the new accounts ppl were not in yet. So yeah, doing alot of paper digging x.x.. Boss finally asked for meeting today, because of the arguement between my 2 colleagues the other day lol.. I was sorta the example person in there.. "For example, i wouldnt say Mag is bla bla bla bla.." that sort of thing lol. Kinda like in order not to directly shoot the ppl involved.Cute.

Anyway, the old lady in my office is super super sensitive, even after all that talk of how we shd all work together, she still abit bo song the other guy de lo..Oh well, none of my business anyway, juz entertainment lol.. Oh yea, sorry babe, when u sms'ed, I was in the meeting :)

I realised i really need to work in an environment with more guys, im getting too sensitive surrounded by all these women. Lol=x As if im not sensitive enuf, im getting worse. Hmm..

Today started back my jogging after work routine le :) want to feel healthier and also slowly heal my ankle..

Came back to bad news though, my youngest uncle passed away frm heart attk :( According to mum, he was the smart one in the family, went to Uni, got a good job. But he fell out of love and sorta let everything go.. This was like over 30yrs ago. Since then he's like moved ard, working fr scraps and letting himself go. Sigh. We heard frm some1 who knew him, that he had passed away, and we've been looking for him for very long le. So mum's goin to JB tomoro with my aunt n uncle to bring back his remains (apparently, i heard the girl tat left him is living there o.o) What we do for love..

Ok la, shd go sleep d. Work ><.. Will update tomoro :)

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