Thursday, June 25, 2009


My toothache is getting really bad again and my gums are swollen.. It hurts so bad im havin a migraine ><. Juz popped 2 panadols, and wanted to lay down..but couldnt close my eyes :( . So here i am irritated, frustrated, tired, moody and in pain. Haih.

Uneventful day at work, as always. Just alot of complains frm the OB (old bird=x) in my office. As usual, whats new? Lol..

Hmm, im not sayin there's anything wrong being soft hearted. Dont think i will ever change that part of me. Even though i say things and i get angry, i tend to let it go few hrs later, just dont remind me of it. I just don like ppl not taking me seriously when i get angry and think to themselves "Oh she's just angry, later ok d" and just ignore n avoid me for awhile. I dont like it. Period.
I want to be more strong and let things go easily, but i cant. If i was, i would have walked away from a lot of things long ago. I apologize for being sensitive and emotional. But thats who i am. I dont like doing it sometimes but thats just me. Would u love me less because of this?
Oh yes, been having weird dreams lately. Havent been dreaming for a long time now, i mean vivid dreams like this. I dream of plane crashing and i even saw what company it was from. And ytd when i was walking to my car, i saw the plane o.o. I remember feeling sick to the stomach. Hmm..what does this mean?
Maybe im losing my mind and being overly paranoid.

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