Sunday, June 21, 2009

Its been a few days since i last blogged, well, it doesnt matter does it though? The ppl that i want to know about whats happening in my life, doesnt seem to bother knowing.

So what has been happening? Nothing much really.. work, work, and more work. And also semi quit robot wars and hop back to a game which i swore i would nvr play- Farmtown. Lol. So much for that. Im so gonna rot in hell for this =x . Its juz robotwars came to a point of ridiculous-ness where ppl spent MONEY to get ahead =.= Duh, no 'spank you.

The only exciting thing the whole week was, goin for a farewell dinner for a an ex colleague of mine on Friday. Woots girl! Gratss! U finally did it :) Gonna miss her when she leaves Pg though :( but its all for the best and i hope ull be happier frm now x3.. Had Thai food at Pulau Tikus , it was dam filling lor. After that they decided to go for drinks at Bed and we spent the night talking abt ghost stories @_@. Left at abt 11, dropped a fren at hm and went to cc to meet up with babe and ivan. Played abit of audi and went home at abt 1.30am. Tired.

This past week has been one emotional cycle after another. Prolly things are starting to unravel themselves slowly and i finally know what u think of me as. Now i knw who you really are. I thank you for finally being honest with me, and opening my eyes.

If u had truly truly cared, you would not have treated me the way u did. Guess u didnt :)

I believe in life, we are suppose to go through it alone, but sometimes when u reach a junction, its good to knw that there is a hand there for u to hold and go through whatever shit that comes. I dont think alot of ppl find that in their lives, ppl who understands what ur going through, are always there when u need them no matter what and loves u no matter what u do. I hope if u do find them, hold on to them with all ur heart coz ull nvr find another soulmate like that again.
Well, its Sunday again, at that time of day when the blues start creeping up like an unwanted shadow darkenin your life forever. Ok, abit too dramatic lolz, but yeah, hell =x. Been sleeping alot today, sleep n farm, farm n sleep.. Still im sleepy, doink me pls..
Regardless of all that, have a good week ya guys :D, Im prayin for mine to be.
- I pray that i will be able to go through it this time,
To not give in and be strong,
Maybe it will makes us all happier..

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