Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello peeps @ 090609

Shall make it a short post coz ima sleepy chick lolz..

Monday has come n gone, the blues? Still here until its Fly-day again :p. Work has been work, after the 3 days of not having the bosses ard, they came back to office today le. So must be extra guai and hardworking d..sobsob =x

The dam air-cond was not working, dam hot k? And the night b4 juz had a lot of durians..Walao heaty!! Not to mention stuffy? I was clearing the company accs until i pek chek d ><. Mind u, this is not in my job description ar.. juz because they havent hired an accs ppl, means i have to do it :( I really really really...don like to do accs.. Maybe coz im not patient or or not detailed enuf or or i juz dont like staring at the paper @_@ Blah.

Other than that, nothing much really..redundant, monotonous work. Whoopee~! Tell me what else can i say about Monday?? Tell me! Tell meeeee!!
Ima feeling bad abt something i did tonight :( Not quite sure why i did it, hmm, actually i do. Juz didnt like the feeling it gave me. Hmm...
Ok la, be4 i go on mumbling, i better go to bed..my eyes are closing halfway d, and im actually sleep typing :p

Happy Tuesday!!!

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