Sunday, June 7, 2009

I guess, it is possible to be happy and sad at the same time..

Well, i juz reached home..finally. Long story. All i knw is im worn out, tired and bloody toes :(
One part is truly happy you won (didnt i say you would? 100% confidence in you..), the other part is sad coz finally the one thing that we can always relate to, which u find support for in me and share the happiness of gettin it, the only thing i have that we shared was lost today. And i suddenly became the outsider, looking in.

I dono if u understand, but it was how i felt today :(

I didnt go because of the things u say u wanted to give me, i went coz i wanted to be there to support u. Guess i wasnt needed in the end.

Anyway, wil update tomoro on ASGF'09 i got a free bus ride, met this funny taxi driver and ended up walking back frm Pg airport..all in one day :)
Nite peeps..

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