Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello world ~

Its currently raining cats n dogs outside..Why why why??? Why didnt it rain this morning!! On purpose de lor, tomoro sure kenot wake up for work x.x. Anyway, been havin' a sleepin fest these 2 days, sleep, farmtown, sleep, farmtown..well u get the idea. And also, mum's craze with durians have kept us with an endless supply of it. So, in conclusion, im now wide awake and am having a very bad headache and heaty ><.
Did i also mention my toothache has gone frm bad to worse? Hmm..
Current mood: Cranky and irritated. Not to mention pre Monday blues ><.
Confessions of a lost soul:
For these past 2 days ive been wondering, how much can a person take before they give up on someone. How much can they withstand before they decide to let go and forget that that person ever existed? How important are they in your life to make u nvr let go of their hand?
Lately ive been doing and saying things that i havent been proud of. Behaving and acting in ways i dont mean, and hurting ppl and myself in the process. I guess in a way i feel, its easier to make ppl hate me and leave me than for me to walk away from them.
I do this so i dont feel disappointed again. And i have a feeling i might soon. It all seems like dejavu to me and that history is slowly repeating itself.
"We say we forgive and forget, but can we really forget what we forgave?"

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