Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday~~ and im having bad sore throat n headache ><

This morning was worse :( and guess wat, i juz came back frm spending 7hrs at the cc playin audi =x Huo gai rite? Bleh. I like goin to cc to play, i feel pro back :p. It was 3hrs with ivan n 4 with ray lol..Even ray also ask me why i go cc and donwan use laptop and when I asked him why, he said then can win u ..LOL! Me like to win sometimes :p And also been a long time since i see myself x10 for any song k? And this was fast song. Too bad kenot save replay =.= lolz..

OMG, thats it? Thats all i have to post about?? Ive been staring at the dam monitor fr 2hrs and nthg is coming out. Omwtfbbqtmd ><.

Anyway its Sunday le, and the blues are slowly creepin up to me :( Heck its been crawling up since this morning when i woke up to a beautifoool Sundae'. I wish i could click on Monday and T'Davy Jones with it =x Back to reality mates, its Monday tomoro no matter what the hell u say, well unless u die, then that the end x.x

Emo much? Or not too much? Hmm..

Anyways, weekends ish gone, sobs, so time to earn money again haha..

Have a great week aheas mateys, pray friday comes soon will ya ;)

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