Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why you?
Because u always know how to make me smile,
but u also knw how to make me cry.
Because you know just what i like,
and you know what i hate the most.
Because i can count on you to be there when i need you,
as long as i reach out and call for you.
I like it that ur emotional, juz like me,
Sensitive juz like me..
I even like it when you irritate me..
This list could go on n on because everything little thing you do,
makes a mark in my heart.
Though sometime we argue n hurt each other with the words we use,
I understand that its because we care too much.
I love despite the flaws, the imperfections, coz i love what makes
Most importantly, I love that your my bestest friend..
So, what do you love?
Another day and woots its already the middle of the week d :) Work has been redundant, paperwork, paperwork, sorting, sorting, papercuts!! Arghh! really not made out for office work @_@;;
Doink doink. Bla.
Nvm..Mag u can do it! JyJyJy!! I wan my iphone!! =X
Im taking work a bit more relaxed today, bosses away on business trip :p therefore i can update at work hehe. Wanted to update ytd but my bro wanted to use, sis pc went kaput lol.. So let him use while i watched Saw 5.. Alot of " eeeeeeeee", " omg omg omg" "uwek!" came out from me x.x really abit gross lor ok? Tmd.
Lookin at my messy table, i feel abit lazy to work , but then its already almost lunch time xDD.. Soon it will be 5.30.. wheeee~! Haha.. anyway need to go hm earlier, mum still not back from JB. Uncle's cremation shd be this morning :( So have to babysit the dog these 2 days lolz.. sis already took 2 days emergency leave juz to babysit ahahah :p Anyway, i had to sleep with him last nite k? Weird la, my mum's last child lolz..
Sat's a holiday! Yay!! =xx
Anyway, am typing this while listenin to the old lady in my office complain abt her job n the bosses lol..So one ear in, one ear out..Bleh~
Ok la.. backie to work~ Im a model employee k? ( an employee who Fb's n blogs during work, LOL! hey im a good multitasker :p)

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