Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Had dinner with the girls tonite :)

Its been awhile since we did it. Gossiping abt the ex company, the quirky ppl there, and the annoyin one :p Had fun.. least it took my mind off some stuff. Laugh our asses off the entire night, and keep saying we were so bad to talk behind ppl's back..*LAUGHS* =x

Of coz it was not all bad things la..we spoke abt future plans, work, life the lots. What we've been up to, where we're going for hols..those stuff. Also one them is getting married in July..asking me what im wearing lol x.x Force me wear dress sia =/

Where did we eat? Where else if its not Old Town lol.. dono why we always end up eating there. But still its the company that matters right? We shd do this again gals, BAH KUT TEH?? :p

Other than that, work is work and i must say i am an efficient multi tasker. Work, Fb and Msn at the same time? Woot! Lol =x Jk la.. msn not that much lol.. Si bass even asked me to go watch a video on Youtube! Over la u man, i working leh =xx

Finished all my stuff b4 5.30 heee im so proud of myself xD~ Jy me, one step closer to my new hp ^^.
Ok la, time to watch a movie and fall asleep lol.. Its Wednesday d! Wheee~
I wish we could stop time, then i will keep it at happy always..
Coz i hate it when we fight, and i will end up missin u~

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