Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Im having....

Monday blues, Tuesday blues, Wednesday blues, Thursday blues...Oh Friday, I love you..Lolz.As u can see, ive currently lost my marbles and am slightly stressed out abt goin to work.Not coz of the work, nonono, work seldom stresses me out. Its the ppl i have to meet that does.Hmmm.. that aunty must be really gettin on ma nerves to make me feel this way ><.

Frankly, i DO NOT like doing accs, abit is ok but this is gettin to be too much leh. Im like the garbage man who is cleaning up the previous ppl's shit ._.Bah! If thats not bad enuf, the worse part is, the impt parts of my job are always replaced by other redundant work. FOR EG. I ask her, "These vouchers are missing, what shd i do? Hv u seen them?" - Her reply to me? "Take out these vouchers and repaste them so they are neater." Huh? Arh? What??

I rest my case. And also my sanity.

Currently typing this at work, coz ive actually sorta given up for abit and will look at it again later. I dont even have net access so i can FB to relax my mind ><. Very very very very sleepy now coz was up till abt 3 to harvest my grapes lol..Then this morning no net, so my plants most prolly hv died :(

Argh! Im really sleepy, someone slap me pls ><

To me:
Ive failed to do what i set out to do ytd again. I blame myself for being soft hearted. What should i do to be strong enuf so i can walk away? You do it so easily to me everytime,why cant i?

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