Sunday, May 31, 2009


For the past 2months, Sundays have been like any other days and Monday blues were non-existant.Well, its back! Lolzz.. So how was my first week on the job?

Hmm, its been interesting. Alot of new things to learn coz ive nvr worked in the construction industry before. Some very interesting ppl (lol, pun intended :p), like the lady that is supposably my superior. Sensitive and lose cannon'ny type lolz. All is still good, but she better not step on my tail.

Bosses, according to her, are demanding and ridiculous. I havent seen that yet. Ive found them to be quite sensible. For now. Time will tell :). What i do know is, this lady complains alot abt things which are so minor, that it makes u laugh. I hope i dont end up like tat at her age though =x. NEVER! Arguements in the office when there's only 3 of us working. So i sit there n laugh inside :p My entertainment leh. Haha. Well, the day moves faster when ur entertained hehe..

Its not really my kind of job, i really dont like paperwork x.x But its a new challenge, a new learning ground and hey, something to boost my resume :p

Hmm.. wat else... Oh yea, been playin audi abit more now, since babe got back his mojo for the game. And also the Audi clubber of the year is back, next Saturday to be exact. I feel like going..

What else? Oh yea, finally watched Saw last nite, 4 of them. At the end of the 4th one, me n sis were like, "these ppl really deserve to die" lol..Maybe we're Jigsaw's latest recruit? Lolz! I cant, my stomach was feeling quesy from all that gore.. Still one more to go, shall watch it after this @@.

Sunday, was sleeping day. Though i did wake early, but i went back to sleep after that. Woke, played abit and slept again. basically i spent today doing absolutely nothing. Cool huh? Mum bought durians..loads n loads. And now am feeling heaty from it ><. Also Baskin Robbins day xD!
Oh well, time to take a bath and watch gorey stuff lol x.x
Have a good week ahead mates!

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