Monday, May 4, 2009

I keep reading it over n over again. The words u said.

Though it hurt to see u say it, Im sorry i was nvr enough.

You say wat i said was all untrue.. Which part was it?

The 1st part? The part im reading over n over again? The 2nd part? How u NEVER neglected me when u were with them? Or the last part, do you really want me to go and ask to make sure?Im so tired, yet i could only sleep fr 2hrs waking up frm a horrible dream, only to realise it wasnt. It was real.
I knw u might think im over exagerating. Put urself im my shoes. If then u still think its not a big thing then maybe u dont care as much as i do. This is the 2nd time im really disappointed with you. How many must i take for you to stop?
Deep down inside, i keep thinking you can change but u keep proving me wrong. Even after i asked you abt it ytd, you still continued doing it. Me n awol's theories not true? Maybe ur just finding some1 more obliging.
Stop saying sorry if you dont mean it, if you think you did nothing wrong, just stop doing it. Coz one day, sorry will not mean anything to me.

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