Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My new shoes~!!! (actually drove all the way to BM to get it =x)
3 days and counting..
For those of you who dont know what the countdown is for, Ima goin to Australia! Woots! :). The reason im going is coz my sis is goin for a 2 day workshop in Sydney, and she found some cheap air fare deal, so voila! Im goin xDD! So yeap, leavin Sat morning and coming back the Fri after :)
And i havent even started packing @@;;; Though i might seem abit nonchalant about the whole trip, the truth im quite excited. Its coming at a time when i need to breath new air and hopefully am able to let go of all the bad stuff thats been happening, and come back feeling refreshed and ready to start fightin again lol..
Been out the whole afternoon today, went to see my mum's friend, went to Queensbay mall with sis, got some toiletries for the trip, bought new earrings :p, bought a shirt :p:p, fetch sis to Prangin Mall (in the afterwork jam! x.x) came home, french mani'ed my nails again lol, watched abit anime, and dozing off in front of comp. HurhurxD
Found out audi got patch, new item, diaries o.o hmmm..wonder wat they do..alot of hoo haa abt it, frm wht i read in forums, there are 3 types, standard diary, premium diary and cpl's diaries. The standard one is dens, but i guess nthg much in that, and the premium n cpl one (which is cash) works the same way, juz in case u dont have a cpl to share it with. Thinking of gettin the cpl one..only one person needs to get it, the cpl can use it also..Hmmm..maybe i shd go click on ppl, im sure there are ppl who are more audi freaks than me hv gotten it =x Oh well..
Im hungry ><
Off to cook peeps :) goin to faint soon x.x

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