Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is it, last 4hrs before i take off :)

Partly excited, partly nervous lol.Dono why, hmm..maybe coz its my first time travelling further than Sg lol x.x . Juz finish straightening my hair, high lighted my sis' hair and finish last minute checking/packing @@;;

And problem is, im sorta having diarrhoea ._. took meds d, hopefully will be ok when i wake ><. Havent booked the hotel in Melbourne though..hurhur=x. Stupid link keep dc on me, and i asked them to booked earlier d but nooo..oh well, sleep in the park then. Lol x.x.

Cant really think of wat else to say, stupid tummy keep turning ><. I shd go sleep i guess..

Wish me a wonderful trip will ya! xD

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