Friday, May 15, 2009

My fav jelly.. hiak hiak xD~

Been engrosed in anime these 2 days, currently at epi71 d :p Left 10 more epi's and then i need to wait le coz the new one not out yet. Well juz in time too i suppose :)
One more day..less than 24 hrs :p
Been busy packing as well, but im sorta a last minute packer, coz thats when im really good at it. If i do it earlier, i will juz end up bringing alot of uneccessary stuff =x. But on a happy note, unlike ange, i will be able to online and update (and also play my robot wars =xx) every night if im not too tired lol. But yeah, im hoping to upload vids on Fb when im there coz for the 1st 2 days my sis will be at her workshop and i will be left alone to wander the streets of Sydney lol..x.x
Just had my money changed to aussie dollars, and bought stuff fr sis. She's the one with alot of things to bring..Had a makeover last nite, cut my hair shoulder length lol..hmm..well, its new. Havent seen it short for awhile, but then its grows back pretty fast. So nt really worried. Hey, its a good change for me. Well any change is good :)
Oh well, time to continue with my anime :p

Have a great weekend guys! xD

Nobody's talking,
cause talking juz turns into screaming,
And now its im yellin over her,
she's yellin over me,
All that means is neither of us are listening,
And whats even worse?
That we dont remember why we're fighting.
And so we're mad for nothing,
Fighting for nothing,
Cryin for nothing,
But we wont let it go for nothing.
P/s: I dont want to go to bed mad at you.
Im sorry, are you?

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