Sunday, May 10, 2009

Secret Recipe's Caramel Cheese Cake~!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Though the day before there were some arguments in the hse, which lasted till Sunday afternoon, still we managed to get together and let bygones be bygones and celebrated it together as a family :)
As my mum n sis went over to the mainland to buy some stuff n get my dog's hair trimmed, i went on my cake search. After 5 to 6 cake hses and 1hr later, we finally decided to splurge a little more and got Secret's Recipes cake. Yum! xD
Mum n sis bought back sefood, crabs, prawns :) And they went all the way frm mainland to Teluk Kumbar fr it..So semangat lol :p

This is the food!

Well, sorry this post is only being posted today since M-Day was ytd, bt have caught up in a new anime i juz found in crunchyroll hurhur xD..Quite cute storyline and i must say its becoming quite exciting lolz. Am only at the 25epi.. will tell u guys wats it abt in my next blog. LOL =x
Ok, time to continue! x.x
Have a great week ahead peeps! *Loves*

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