Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I know, i know.
Its the beginnin of the week again. And as u all dragged ur lifeless bodies out of bed to "happily" go to work, all i can do for u guys is this....

Ganbatte-ne! =X

Please do not kill me x.x Me being a person who has nt been working can tell u, i rather be working right now! Im serious. Lol. At least i wont be stuck at home the whole day..Sure, the 1st month is fun but after that, it sorta goes in depression. Like ur falling into this hell hole n there is no end to it ><.

I want change my phone!! T__T
Anyway this is what ive been watching for the past 2 days :) .. actually watched till 6plus ytd x.x...hey, it makes me laugh, why not? xD..

Its about the heroine of the show, Hinamori Amu, who is perceived as "cool and spicy" girl by all the kids in the school. But inside, she's juz a shy n timid. So, one night she prays that she can be wat she really wants to be and wakes up with 3 eggs on her bed. Yes, eggs! Lolz.. anyway thats when the fun begins, coz the eggs are are actually her Guardian Characters.
Oh well, its nice entertainment and i havent been watching animes for awhile now :)

"The fact is, you nvr answered my qns, my doubts, my suspicions.
Though i smile, i still live with unanswered qns in my heart.
How long can i go before i break down again? "

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