Friday, January 22, 2010

TGIF!!! And and and....!!!

We wuv and mish bery u bery muchie T_T~

Hope u come back online soon ya and have a wonderful day today, tomoro, every single day! *loves*

Was uber tired ytd when i went home. Thank goodness family's emo bubble already broke and all is well in home sweet home :) Went in audi right after that (yes, ivan jio again lol, in his quest to get to main :D). Was joined shortly after that by yorke and baby and played till it was compy time. Ivan wanted to try it out so we went in. Poor dude, coz when we went left only 40secs b4 apply button come out and i told him to spam click the place we click for lic. He got 212th :(..he told after tat he click next to the bulletin and the button was way >>>>> over there lol :S Then i asked, lic button ma, and he said something which was quite true.. he doesnt lic alot :X

Well, i got in and he came to watch me pl-..die :( C9!! =.= and my lagginess and with a "cool" song didnt really help. Blame blame blame. Must be my pc problem :x Poor ivan really wanted to try it out ... lol :S

Came out slightly after 10 and oh yea, finally used the magic lamp and bought a cute cap..and its only for 7 days ...hahaha..random i know =.=

Oh wells, Fb'ed abit with my norm games (pls refer to Wed's post lol) and continued with my shows :) I noticed my page is filled with cafe world food lately O_O; totally random again, but still a revelation on my part.

Discussed with the gang on our plans and luckily had wenny to help out coz i think i might not have the time to compile and research on how to do it. Thank god she was on hols till Monday :3 Still need to draw though....:S

Which is what im doing at work today.. Basically been postponing because...i drawing TT^TT~ There's a reason i opted for science class last time..THIS IS IT! Nvm, jyjyjy me! D:

Another random revelation! I realised last nite, i actually could get another counter for cafe world! So i didnt have to watch my food spoil in the morning! =.='''''' I wonder why im so full of random thoughts lately, my posts are so all over the place...omg i cant even be coherent here! Bite me :S

5th day of withdrawal... it sucks to be missing someone so much when that person doesnt even a little.

OMG, i jz found color pencils in the office! *reminds me of primary school somehow* Weeee!! Gtg color color~!! Rofl~



&soon it will all disappear, so i keep telling myself.

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