Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hello world on a Saturday morning~!!! :D , well a very early Saturday morning :p Weekends are here! Wootsss!

Its time for sleep, sleep and more sleep~ :p

Work was cool today, not much disturbance from colleagues. Peaceful working :3 Though it was a busy day in the afternoon, i still managed to get everything done and by 6, i was outta there :) Though im still working on saturday (my opinion? God didnt invent humans to work on a saturday ><) but then again, its all about the money eh? So, cant complain, just do it! Nike style! :D Its only half a day, alittle bit of Fb, a little bit slacking, a little bit of coffee and im paid~ Lolol :D

Thankfully, i might be alone at work tomoro too! Hurhur XD~

And and and! I slept when i came home jz now :DD So proud of meself, though it was only abt 2 hrs but i did wide awake again @___@;;; and its almost 3 again! Hmmmmm =.= Had a cpl balls of takoyaki for dinner and been watching dvd's after dvd's since i woke. Just cant seem to shake the habit of sleeping late TT^TT~

Oh well, got to go force myself to sleep, coz frankly i might be living up my panda nick very soon >_>'''

Oh oh! Took an ss of my cafe earlier (please dont ask =.=) coz i liked the VIP meal ...LOL! It looked cute ok! Bleh.

Cute right? Right?? lolzzz..

I was bored. 'nuf said =.=


& i wish it was easier.

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