Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its Thursday!!! Happy New Year's Eve!! :D

This would be a very happy time for me if not for the throbbing headache im having now :( and my left ear is startin to hurt too TT^TT~ The minute i came out of bath jiu pain le...sad~ I wan to have a healthy hols lo.. :((

I will not let this dampened my holiday mood though :)

Work sucked big time today, sigh. Bosses are being their 1000% asses again =.= Sometimes i think i wanna give them a piece of my bladi mind. Always taking advantange if the staff as much as they can. I just lazy to say anything coz well i still need a job. But if i get one (soon i hope) , they are so gonna get it >:(

I hope that 2010 will be a better year for me. Im hoping for the best and planning for alot of stuff to be done. 2009 was just a very bad year and alot of on and off depression :( Thank god, i manage to let some baggage go and learn to be happy and let things be. Tryin my best not to let things bring me down and gettin back up as soon as i can :) Still learning, bt im gettin there xD

2010 plans? Hope to get my teaching diploma by March :) then i can travel and teach ^^ and also some of the 2009 resolutions which i nvr kept. Im adamant to keep them now. And im doing it for me.

Wanted to post more things, bt it seems my migraine is gettin worse and i cant think of anything else to type :( Will continue tomoro ~

Happy New Years eve guys~ :)


&someday soon the tables will be turned around
i wont be the one who will be doing waiting anymore :)

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