Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday! Holiday! Friday! Holiday! :DD

Though holiday was mainly spent...roughly about 95% on bed...watching vid after vid >////<~~ But it was cool :) Well rested coz i knw my saturday is gonna be hell..The so called deadline on Thursday became Saturday and somehow i know i will be asked to stay back....for sure!

See Ray, im keeping my promise :p

Special post dedication to my No1 blog reader, who never fails to come and read every single day :P, i wonder why blog not that fun ;)

New audi patch and some really cool new stuff in mall. Seriously refraining frm spending but might spend if mood is bad D: (love the wings :p) Some really cool new songs too :) but then audi is nvr fun without the friends D:

Well, guess thats all about my lazy Friday...hoping for a good saturday and a better sunday :)

P/S: I dont knw wat else to blog about ray! So there, an updated post about nothing much :p

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